Assist … I have NO Extracurriculars for My Common App

I am filling out my typical App and I haven’t any extracurriculars, and I also mean none. We haven’t accompanied a club or worked a working task or such a thing organized like that. I do play tennis and disc golf with friends most of the right time– may I add that? I have also babysat my brother however for money. Can that count? If I enjoy bake can that go on there? May seem like a stretch but I really have nothing else to list.

Admission officials are always wanting to discover just what pupils do outside of class time, and not through the school that is same-old-same-old and activities teams they see on applications about 717 times on any provided cold weather weekend. So your baking, babysitting, disc golf and tennis are all quite application-worthy.

In the amount that is small of supplied in your applications (and/or via a separate “annotated” resume where you add a phrase or two describing your various undertakings), you will need to provide a little more information than simply the title of each endeavor, incorporating a touch of humor in some places if it comes obviously to you. For example, rather than saying, “Baking,” you might have room for, “Experimental pastry cook for family members guinea pigs. (Who knew that chili sauce and chocolate frosting would be so compatible?)”

Let me reveal an old but when really active College Confidential conversation thread on “concealed Extracurriculars” that may assist you to identify other pursuits that could be fodder for the “Activities” portion of your applications.

And this is a recent “Ask the Dean” concern from another current senior, like you, whom worried that her tasks list may be woefully quick. You are able to read how “The Dean” advised her.

Main point here: If you’re intending for Ivies and the ones other hyper-selective places where the lion’s share of applicants have near-perfect grades and test custom essays scores and thus where impressive extracurriculars will help accomplished prospects be noticed within the audience, yours short list of more individual activities might harm your acceptance odds. But at many universites and colleges, the admission people would like to see that you’re doing one thing constructive with your available time … as well as may even be relieved that it’s maybe not a something that they’ve already seen a gazillion times before!

Should College Freshman Head Residence Every Weekend?


My son would go to university about 35 miles from home and contains car in school. He’s get back every weekend since he started his freshman year, except the main one weekend that our family members went here for the football game. I didn’t think such a thing from it however my buddy said my son should assimilate more and not be with us all the full time. Should he is made by us stay in school within the weekends?

“The Dean” frequently says any particular one of the most extremely important elements of planning to college could be the “going” it self. And so I accept your cousin. Regardless if your son is formally installed in a dorm throughout the week, if he is heading house every week-end he is missing key experiences that are collegiate. On weekends at school, he can go to athletic occasions and events in large groups or just “chill” in smaller people. He will be surrounded by concerts and movies, by comedy nights and trivia evenings … many free of charge. In case your son is always coming back home, he can skip the opportunity to expand his horizons, to generally meet new people also to find out about himself being an adult that is near to their moms and dads ( nothing wrong with that!) but nonetheless split from them.

When personal son started university five years ago, we reminded him that — also it came time to get a job, he would be competing with many others who shared his major and his GPA if he were to earn straight A’s — when. However, if he had been to look for internships and paid or volunteer work of course he were to become listed on businesses on campus, his resume would be more prone to be noticed in a audience. Likewise, getting included at school can certainly make the undergraduate years more significant … and fun. Typically, weekends would be the most readily useful time for students to pursue extracurricular endeavors — official or elsewhere.

Of course, for some students with special requirements ( such as for instance diseases or anxiety disorders), surviving in an university residence and classes that are attending the week is stressful enough, and these pupils may need the safety net that weekends at home will provide. Nonetheless it seems like that isn’t your son’s situation.

Furthermore, you have not mentioned if there exists a love interest on the house front. Numerous students in my own orbit who only stay on campus throughout the week are rushing back into be with a significant other. Is the fact that true for the son? I have also heard of students whom leave college on weekends in order to avoid a drug or alcohol scene. While such motives may seem sensible, it’s more sensible for pupils to search out campus groups which are dedicated to community solution, environmental dilemmas, academic activities, spiritual life as well as other areas of interest that are not likely to draw a big celebration audience.

Finally, is it feasible that your particular son believes he’s supposed in the future home every weekend? I’ve heard of pupils whom somehow feel it’s disloyal to remain on campus whenever their loved ones are nearby. This tends to be more predominant whenever students come in the first generation to head to university (is your son?), but the majority of families don’t talk about their contact expectations for freshman 12 months, and therefore both pupils and parents may misjudge how often they need to mobile, text, e-mail and also see.

So “The Dean” believes that the next step ought to be a sit-down together with your son where you declare that he spends additional time on campus. He might be freaked away by this concept … or he might be relieved. But that he stays with the current plan, you can back off, at least for now if he seems adamant. It is rather likely that, in their time that is own’ll begin to realize that he’s really missing out by heading house, so he could alter his patterns by himself. And, or even, you are able to talk about the issue once again once the new semester begins and he may be much more confident and prepared for the modification.

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